Military History Fest is proud to present to you a fine array of talented performers that will entertain young and old alike! The live performance stage is located at the back of the Mega Center, between the military vehicles and the refreshments. Be sure to take a seat and enjoy some of it!

Thee Bluebeard

He’s a Pirate. He’s a creative genius. His beard is blue.  What else do you need to know? Blubeard’s show is, at its base, a kid-friendly comedy show, but its interview-style format lends itself very well to getting people in the audience (grown-ups too) involved in the fun and it is a great time for everyone involved!


Founded in 1997, the musical duo Tourdion brings alive an eclectic selection of traditional songs from the British Isles and France - from Celtic favorites and Child ballads to rolling sea and soldier songs. A fan favorite on the Renaissance Faire circuit,  Adam Velez and Chris Vail never fail to get the crowd clapping their hands and wanting more!

The Guild of St. Michael

The Trayn'd Bandes of the Bristol Renaissance Fair are not merely costumed entertainers. These men and women

are devoted historians and educators, dedicated to learning about and recreating the culture, life and combat skills of

16th century England. You will learn about the weapons soldier's of this period used and how they were employed

in combat. You will be entertained by live sword fighting, demonstrations of historical technique, and it is always

spiced up with their crowd pleasing brand of humor.

Battlefield Balladeers

BATTLEFIELD BALLADEERS' mission is to perform the songs and music of the American Civil War. The repertoire consists of the patriotic, sentimental , and  comic songs of the period along with minstrel favorites and the melodies of Stephen Foster. Un-amplified acoustic instruments performed by a variety of personnel in museum quality uniforms bring to life the sounds of the Blue and Gray for all ages.

3 Pints Gone

Playing Celtic traditional-style folk songs and sea shanties, their distinctive sound is full of high energy and harmony-rich arrangements.  They entertain by telling stories through the songs, that leave the audience feeling like old friends. Come have a drink old friend, they are already 3 pints gone!



Saint Martins Academy - Bob Charron

Saint Martins Academy is a collection of scholars and presenters who research Medieval and Renaissance culture,educational systems and martial arts in order to present their findings to academic, martial arts, historical re-enactment and civic organizations through engaging lectures, seminars, hands-on workshops, individual classes and demonstrations. Bob Charron is the principle instructor of martial arts. The Academy's mission is to educate the public on the richness and effectiveness of Medieval and Renaissance educational and approaches.