Because of the hugeness of the Mega Center, reenactors at MHF can now set up an encampment or diorama (20’ x 20’) to show off their group! To encourage units to do their very best, most creative work, we are offering $500 in cash to the group who gets the most votes! The prize will be awarded Sunday at the close of the show. You must be present to win. Participating unit members get in for only $5 a day as a thank you for setting up. Units are limited to 10 members at that rate and the names must be provided to us 2 weeks prior to the event.


  1. Every unit that is selected to participate gets a spot that is 20’ x 20’ wide, marked out by MHF staff.  To apply, simply send us an email giving a description of what you plan to do. If selected you will be notified and given load-in, load-out instructions.

  2. Buildings, walls or other details must be completed on all sides so as to not ruin the look of your neighbors camp.

  3. Sound effects from your camp must be muted so as to not ruin the feel of your neighbor’s camp.

  4. No live animals, no fires (lanterns included) and no features that are dangerous, such as real barbed wire or sharpened stakes.

  5. If your display requires electricity, you must indicate this when you apply.

  6. If you do not want the public walking into your display, you are responsible for roping it off.

  7. You may not spend the night in your display.

  8. All eras (ancient through modern day) and all kinds (military and non-military) are encouraged to participate!

A 20’ x 20’ space marked out for visual reference.

Note the camp items in each corner.


This entire scene is made of foam blocks painted with textured paint to look like natural stone.

Everything in this picture can be brought in and used!

Ceiling height is unlimited so feel free to set up your wall tent, fly, etc.

MHF 8 Winner - Winter at Valley Forge

by Hamilton’s Artillery, NWTA