Military History Fest “X” February 2014
First Annual “Combat Chef”
Multi-Time Period Cook-off

In celebration of the 10th annual Military History Fest, the MHF10 staff is proud to present the 1st annual multi-time period, era vs. era, Field Chef cook-off.  The principal idea behind this event is to showcase the talents of each time period’s cuisine capabilities “in the field”, and to compete head to head in an “Iron Chef” style competition.
The competition will span all time periods represented at Military History Fest 10.  From Neolithic to the Gulf War, everyone is invited to participate in this head to head showdown to crown the champion of “Field Cuisine”.  Winner will receive “Bragging Rights” for the entire 2014 Re-enacting season, and will hold until Military History Fest 11 the coveted “Wooden Spoon of Champions”.  Criteria for judging will be based on a combination of food taste, authentic preparation and cooking style, and authentic presentation.  Contestants will compete in teams, and have 3 hours to complete their menu items.  All food must be prepared ON SITE.  No pre-prepared dishes will be allowed.  (start and finish times to follow)

The rules are simple:

  1. Safe food storage is MANDATORY.  You will not lose authenticity points for using modern coolers.  You will lose points for NOT observing food safety. 

  2. No alcoholic beverages.  This is a courtesy to Pheasant Run Resorts.  They are allowing us to hold a cook-off and feed re-enactors ONLY.  As such, PLEASE, no alcohol of ANY KIND may be served by the contestants.

  3. As stated in rule #2, only re-enactors will be allowed to consume the food prepared during this competition.  NO GENERAL PUBLIC TASTE TESTING!

  4. All recipes must reflect the given time period being represented, and the contestant/s must use period ingredients to create their dishes.  Please provide documentation for the authenticity portion of the judging.  Some dishes may be SO obvious that documentation may not be required.  Examples:  World War 2 = SPAM.  American Civil War = Hard Tack and Bacon. Etc.  The better the documentation, the better your authenticity score will be. 

  5. Contestants must use period appropriate cooking techniques and equipment.  GROUND FIRES WILL NOT BE ALLOWED.  If your time period requires an open fire, you must use a self contained fire box such as a backyard fire pit, etc.

  6. Judging will be based on a 100 possible maximum point scale.  Scoring will be determined by a panel of three judges who will award up to 90 maximum points, 30 points possible per judge.  10 points each for taste, authenticity, and presentation.  The final 10 points will be based on input from your unit/group.

  7. Contestants will be required to present TWO meals, feeding a total of AT LEAST 13 people.  (3 judges, plus 10 to feed your group)  If you have a smaller/larger group, plan accordingly. This competition is designed to showcase the talents of each groups’ field cooks, and part of judging criteria is “Will the members of your group eat it, and did you feed everyone?”

Pre-registration is required.  Please send a private message to “Tim Wakeling” at to pre-register your unit for this event, or if you have any questions.

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